Here is our #GROCERY space!

You will find lots of products that we use in our kitchen.

  1. Granola by #RAW
  2. Organic Açai Berry powder 50gr
  3. Organic Carob powder 130gr
  4. Organic Raw cacao nibs 150 gr
  5. Organic dates paste 200gr
  6. Organic Raw cacao powder 140gr
  7. Organic Chlorella powder 140gr
  8. Organic Coconut sugar 150 gr
  9. Organic Spirulina  powder 150gr
  10. Organic Hemp seeds 170 gr
  11. Organic Hemp protein powder 150gr
  12. Organic Chia seeds 200gr
  13. Raw organic almond butter 200gr
  14. Raw organic cashew butter 200gr
  15. Peanut Butter 200gr
  16. Raw died apricot jam 200gr
  17. Organic Buckwheat germ 150gr
  18. Organic Cashews 150gr
  19. Organic Black flax seeds 150gr
  20. Organic Black flax seeds flour 130gr

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